Monday Made It and Open House

Super late post this evening as I had a long day of continuing classroom set up and Open House. Needless to say I am very tired but wanted to do a quick post. First let's discuss Open House...

I think I told you all about the major mold problem throughout the school. Of course this issue delayed many of the teachers and getting prepared for Open House with that problem was a scramble! In spite of that and not having everything perfect like I wanted, we had a great turnout. Wish I had pics but it was totally hectic. I had about half of my parents come out! If I told you how many half is....I think there may be some jealy teachers. Hahaha :) Small school. Anyway I was happy to meet and greet parents and this evening made me even more excited for this year! On to Monday Made It...

I love linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It. Teachers are soooo resourceful. Here are a few things I've made (and this isn't even everything!)...

Whole Brain Teaching-ish rules posters
Writing Process Chart
Number Magnets for my Magnetic Behavior Chart
Playdough in Fun Colors for the First Day of School
I am soooo excited about all of these Made Its. Everything was super easy to make! Quick tips for Magnets and Playdough....


$1 flat gems from the dollar store
Scrapbook paper (already had it)
Mod Podge
Magnet tape or strips
Hot Glue (possibly)

I've seen other bloggers use a different glue for the magnets but the mod podge was fine for me, I just used a thin layer. I'm not as particular about bubbling because the magnet was covered by the  written numbers. You may need the hot glue just to firmly secure the magnet tape.


Using play dough as a first day activity has definitely become my fav! I did it last year and I had an excellent first day and the kids loved it! I used this super easy play dough recipe found at this pin. This batch came out great....I may make a few more colors tomorrow!

Going to more day before school starts!


  1. I love your number magnets!

  2. I'm glad to hear the mold problem has been resolved at your school! Also great to hear that you had an impressive turnout of parents at your Open House. Have a great year! ~Deb
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