Teacher Week '13 Meet the Teacher

I knowww I've been absent (first three days of school last week). I promise to give a little recap at the end of the week. Everything going on at the school has made for one tired teacher....I've been engaging in what I affectionately call "little nappies" every day after school. :)

Anywhooo....I am linking up with Blog Hoppin'  for.....

Yay! This of course is my first time linking up and I am so excited to learn more about some of my favorite and also new bloggers. So without further ado..

1.I am originally from a small town suburb of Cleveland, Ohio called Twinsburg. My little town actually hosts an annual Twinsday festival in early August that gathers twins from around the country.
2. I am a total insomniac. I get my best ideas at 2 a.m. when I am supposed to be fast asleep. All summer I stayed up into the wee hours of the night, and slept in in the mornings.
3. I arguably watch more T.V. than I should (trying to change that habit) so I am a reality TV junkie however I do have some staple shows that includes Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and The Walking Dead.
4. HUGE fan of Beyonce! I've shared this before but this is how much I love this lady! I was in the BeyHive before there was a BeyHive mmmk! I had the time of my life at the Mrs. Carter Show!

5. I used to say that I would NEVER NEVER NEVER be a teacher but if I would it would be early childhood or high school. Ha! Go figure!
6. I have no tattoos but I must make a decision if I want to get one by the time I'm 30.
7. I love keeping up with the newest technology. I am that person that scours Best Buy looking for the newest laptop, tablet, phone whatever fun techy stuff I can get my hands on! I feel a certain way that I haven't been able to get a new phone.....it's driving me nuts!
8. When I do get married...I want it to be small and intimate so that I can splurge on yummy food (not traditional wedding food), a gorg cake, and a rockin party!
9. I'm sort of a natural comedian. In my classroom....my students are constantly laughing at either my facial expressions or the funny, crazy things I say. I'm a total goof. See.....

10. Of all the characteristics of a Gemini I would have to say I am definitely the whole scatterbrained...all over the place thing! I am rarely ever focused on one thing. At any given time my internet browser has 17 tabs open, I'll start cleaning one area then move somewhere else and remember something I'm supposed to do, go back to my original task and so on. It's dizzying sometimes! Haha!

Well that's me! Teacher Week has commenced!


  1. Hello fellow Gemini! ( I am a double Gemini, meaning my sun and moon signs are in Gemini!) I get you on the having 1,000 things going on at the same time...As I am typing I also have laundry going and am watching TV! :) You aren't scatterbrained you are just a good multi-tasker. ;)
    I am your newest follower.
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

    1. Hi Jean!

      I try to look at it as multitasking too but when I forget to go back I get frustrated! Lol. Thanks for following!

  2. I am so happy I found your blog and am now following along :)

    The Cozy Classroom

  3. YAY! Goo nay nay! Go nay nay. Love your new blog. Can't wait to come visit your classroom

    1. Awww thank you my friend! I miss you!!!