Formal Observation

Soooooo today was my formal observation. I'll admit I felt a certain type of way that mine was on a Monday andddd introducing a new topic so I couldn't do too many flips, tricks and awesome amazing things because I needed the students to get the "gist". Lol.

Here's how it went down....

I was observed during math instruction.....which is at the end of the day....and my sweet darlings always need lots of movement! Soooo we began with...

M&Ms. Ooooh aahhh! I prepared bags of M&Ms for each group with an amount that would equally divide among the groups. Have you guessed our skill? That's right Division! The groups worked together to decide how many each would get in order to share equally. We really emphasized that sharing equally!

Next I used a promethean flip chart for them to take notes on 3 division strategies.

Then we began math rotations. I loved the names of the math groups used by 3 Teacher Chicks as seen in this post. I have four groups (North, South, East, and West) with my on level groups being the largest. Students rotate between the teacher group, desk work, math centers, and Xtramath. During math centers my students worked on Halloween multiplication and division centers created by Ashleigh. They loved them!

All in all it went well. I did have 2 emotional breakdowns (typical) but handled it and kept it moving! Looking forward to feedback, but I got myself so worked up and nervous and after a more than eventful weekend I am beat. Happy Monday y'all!

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