Words of Encouragement

One of my friends/colleagues told me the other day while she was teaching a lesson on prefixes and suffixes using a video, one of my former students saw that the video was produced by a university in Ohio. He then proceeded to say "Hey, my third grade teacher is from Ohio. On second thought, my second grade teacher is from Ohio too." {<-- he was talking about me} Although this is but a mere representation of the impact I've had on my former and current students, that particular moment and conversation with her was extremely encouraging and needed.

To say that this school year has been stressful would be a vast understatement. I pride myself on remaining optimistic when faced with the most depressing of situations but this year is taking me for a roller coaster ride with no seat belt. I wish I could get into everything but being that this is a very public platform I can say that I am being challenged and tested. I am far from a complainer, in fact I quite detest complaining but sometimes you just have to vent.

For the first time in weeks I am starting to feel like my strong and confident teaching self. I am reinventing and thinking ahead, coming up with my master plan to take control of the chaos that is my teaching life right now. Stressing myself out won't help. Taking the test head on and demonstrating my purpose is what I intend to do. It's amazing how small words of encouragement can change your whole attitude and feeling about trials and tribulations you're going through. If any of you other teacher bloggers are facing similar hardships just know everyone is not called to teach, and if it your passion, you will do what is necessary to progress and impact students.


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