Last Official Day of Summer

Hello all!

Today is my last official day of summer. I debated long and hard about going into the school today to finish my library but then I said to myself "'ve gotten quite a bit done and it's your last day. Chill out!" So I chilled. So far I've gotten a little cleaning done and I want to go get my hair straightened, sit by the pool, and go walk in Piedmont Park.

In light of summer's end and school's beginning I want to join in on the Back to School goal linky hosted by I {heart} Recess. I love the idea of this linky because I can share with other bloggers the goals I've been setting for myself.

Last week I made my own personal weekly meal planner. I wondered if it was necessary since I typically cook for one but it's helped me manage my grocery shopping and bill....which is allllllright with me. I also need to get consistent with working out and running. Next summer I want to look HOTTTT in a bikini! LOL :)

Designating days for tasks will definitely keep me organized. It's so easy to let grading pile up! time for that. I am hoping by using Evernote more frequently this year I can be more efficient with documentation and data which will all be helpful with grading. I already set up my notebooks and played around with Kustomnote! Exciting stuff people!

Another area in which I made a goal to improve. I am totally guilty of allowing my lesson plan book to disappear because we submit plans electronically. I made a post it lesson planner to help me keep my daily and weekly plans ready and easily accessible.Using post its, I can remove the plans and attach to my clipboard in case I need important reminders, page numbers, books to read etc.

Although I am finishing up my master's portfolio I will be beginning my gifted endorsement in the fall. *Overachiever* lol. I told myself I would take a break from school but I was asked personally by my principal and have always been interested in gifted learners so I felt it was necessary to seize the opportunity. I can definitely be a procrastinator with school work, additional responsibilities [my baby Gizzy] will force me to set aside specific times to complete my coursework.

How many times have we heard consistency is key in the classroom? Soooooo many! I can be inconsistent and have definitely dealt with the consequences. I intend to be consistent in every capacity.

This is more of a quote than a motto but I aspire to inspire and just adore this quote!

To all fellow teachers starting officially tomorrow...enjoy your first day back. And link up to share your back to school goals! <3


  1. Love the idea of a Post-It planner. Do you sell it somewhere?

    Hope you had a great first day!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. Jennifer

      No unfortunately. I just purchased a spiral notebook and different colored post its. You can check out my post on it. I show what it looks like on a monday made it post.

  2. I enjoyed reading your goals. I, too, feel it's crucial to be consistent with students. I look foward to following your blog. (I LOVE the design!)
    Crafting Connections

    1. Thanks so much Deb! It took me forever lol :)

  3. I like your personal goal. My husband is always telling me if I would plan meals then we probably wouldn't eat out as much {don't tell him he is right-ha}!


    1. Hahaha Jamie,

      He's right but I won't tell. I'm already saving tons!

  4. Good luck with your goals!! LOVE the quote. :)

    Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes