Sunday Smorgasboard 7/28

This is my first time linking up with Michelle over at Fabulous in First for the Sunday Smorgasboard. Can I just say when I read her post I was totally like....that's me! I too go from task to task, then think of something else I need to do, go back to the original task and so on! I try real hard with to do lists and everything but I'm extra scatterbrained. Forever thinking about the 1,506,039 things I have to do! Sighhhh...anyway here's my randomness!


I've been working in my classroom since Wednesday. Wellllll....really since Thursday. Wednesday and Thursday I spent a great deal of time chatting with friends and my assistant principal. Yeah.....I'm THEE social butterfly at my school. I did gain some valuable info from my principal including my *tentative* class list. Anyone that believes in prayer....pray for me. Let's just say I've been tasked and trusted to have a severe behavior problem in my classroom. Seriously y'all..pray!

Anyway so far I've got desks and general center areas set up. One of my goals this year was to get really organized, throw out all the junk that is just wasting space, and keep it simple! So far so good. Monday I'm tackling library organization. I will blog allll about that tomorrow. Here's a little before shot of some of the work I've done. If you follow me on Instagram these pics will be familiar.


Like many of my fellow bloggers, I have been hitting up the stores for school supplies and more! Just wanted to share that I hit the jackpot via craigslist. I needed clipboards and ended up finding a listing of clipboards and many other teaching materials. I worried if the drive was worth it and once I got there booooyyyy was that answer YES! The seller was a teacher turned stay at home mom selling everything left over from her classroom. Here is a picture of all the goodies I got including 16 clipboards for $22. {Wooohoo}

 Other places I've hit up this week include: Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, School box, and Michaels.


I've been on a cleaning spree around the house. I renewed my lease so they came and cleaned my looks soooo nice! I'm implementing the no shoes in the house rule...ASAP! I also cleaned out my outside storage closet, and my desk. Admittedly, I'm not a super neat freak but I have been keeping the place neat and sprucing it up! I love it!


In addition to shopping I've been working on new products and decor for my classroom while enjoying the Harry Potter marathon on ABC family. I just have to watch them each time they're on. I love em! In that amount of time I posted my glow stick labels to my tpt store and and working on supply labels and library labels as seen in the picture below. I will be posting the labels as a flash freebie soon once I get them looking exactly how I want them. Suggestions for supply labels would be cool! The flash freebie will be announced on my instagram!

And for those of you starting official back to school on Wednesday like I am try to fit in at least one for summer fun activity! I think I want to relax poolside and go to sips n strokes to make a new painting! Happy Sunday!


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