Monday Made It 7/22 and Atlanta Blogger Meet Up!

Today's very late post discusses my Monday Made-Its and the Atlanta Blogger meet up from this past Saturday.

I have been a busy, busy girl trying to do deep cleaning around the apartment, projects, and beginning
to plan classroom set up. I have a mere 6 days before my official start day but plan to get in my room as soon as they are done waxing floors *major eye roll*! On to made its...

(1) No Questions Touch Light
I'm sure you all have seen these....

Loved the idea.....and definitely have experienced the constant interruptions soooo here's my version. You can find the lights at the dollar tree! I used BIC markers to decorate.

(2) Birthday Bunch
I cannot remember exactly where the birthday bunch balloons came from but I believe they were a freebie on TPT. If you are the creator please let me know so I can give credit....they're lovely. :) Dollar tree silly straws, balloons, lamination, tape and voila! I think I will add student names and birthdays too.

I have a birthday box to keep them in....

but it is currently being used by glow sticks that I originally planned to use for the birthday bunch. I decided against that because the glow sticks cannot be left exposed or they won't glow. Which leads me to my next made it...

(3) Glow Stick Student Gift Tags
I decided to give the glow stick bracelets I have as beginning of the year gifts for my 3rd graders and so I created these cute little tags to attach to the bracelets. I can't actually make them until school starts to preserve the "glow". Here are the tags....
The first 5 people to comment on this post can get these labels for free customized with your name and grade(leave your email)! I will be adding them to my TPT store this week!

Now to discuss the Atlanta Blogger Meet up! I had a great time with the 8 other ladies that went to Swan Coach House for lunch on Saturday. The food, the conversation, and the trip to IKEA were loads of fun. It was great to meet some of the bloggers whose blogs I've been reading, and being exposed to new ones. We also discussed how empowering and positive the blogging community is and how much we enjoy the camaraderie! Here are some pictures from the meet up!

Amanda, Jessica (Jivey), Brandee, Me, Liz, Stacia, Amanda, Alison, Elizabeth
Cute placemats made by Amanda from Collaboration Cuties and goodie jar by Jivey
Super cute To Do List created by Elizabeth and Brandee
Needless to repeat....loved meeting up with these ladies and look forward to more meet ups. Welp....although it is late these are the hours I keep during the summer being a night owl and all. Oh summer is dwindling, I should probably fix that soon. Pfffffffff!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow! Everything looks so great.i love the glow sticks. I would love to have your labels
    TGIF-Third Grade Is Fun

  2. I absolutely love your idea of the glow sticks! This is my first year as a teacher and I am teaching 3rd grade also! I had been trying to figure out what to give my little kiddos and this will be perfect! I would love to have your labels!

  3. Glow sticks sound so fun! Do you get them at the dollar store or something? I'd love the customized labels. Thanks!

  4. I'm so glad I got to meet you! :) Thanks so much for coming!
    ideas by jivey
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  5. The glow sticks are a fun idea, love the birthday ballons too. I am teaching 2nd grade and would love the glow stick printable.

    scrapmoose at gmail dotcom

  6. Forgot to mention the glow sticks are from dollar tree. I've emailed those of you that requested the labels!

  7. Such a great idea! Thanks for the Liebster Award! :)