Monday Made It 6/10

Monday Made It is probably one of my faaaaaavorite linky parties! To see the full on creativity and imagination of some of the teachers out there in the blogging world is amazing. If you've made  something either for the classroom or at home link on up with 4th grade frolics for Monday Made It.

#1 I've been a "making it" fool this weekend! I even made my next blog On to my made its....the first is my first freebie/tpt product. For those WBT'ers I made a sports themed super improvers wall. I love the super improver wall, my babies last year worked hard to earn their stars and improve in everything from simple things like remembering to raise their hand, to improvement in spelling. You can find it in my brand spanking new TPT store.

Sample level
 #2 Made it number 2 took a few days to make. I made vocabulators! The first time I saw these was posted by Tara at 4th grade Frolics and I loooooved them! Last week I collected all the materials I needed including rice, food coloring, alcohol, and empty drink containers. The most tedious part was printing the words on cardstock, cutting, gluing, laminating and cutting again...whewww! Here they far I've only finished two and haven't added the small trinkets yet. But I'm loving them. Can't wait to see how my students enjoy them!

#3  The third made it was really simple. I bought a frame at the dollar store, printed and Voila....classroom Keep Calm mantra! Trust....I need this constant reminder to keep calm. I got the poster from FlapJack Educational Resources Click the link to get your own, they come in all kinds of colors and they're F.R.E.E!!!!

I had a "personal" made it but it was an epic fail. I wanted to ombre my nails but it just didn't work out. *super sad face* I have a nail expert friend that pointed me in the direction of some maybe next time.

So proud of my little creations! Yay me! :)

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