Storms and Whispers

Very late or perhaps early 1 a.m. post here from me but that is because I am wide awake, I have no power in my apartment and I live alone so that equals....scarrrryyyy!!! I'm sitting in Dunkin Donuts because I was freaking out about all my technology in near death states. I don't like that disconnected feeling....especially when it's late, I'm alone and it's suuuuuuuper dark out I am posting about my thoughts.

As I sit here and sip this very sweet frozen coolata I am reading Chapter 7 of The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller. For those that have read it, in the middle of reading it, or plan to read it, I would love to discuss the full on motivation to TEACH that this book inspires. I haven't put my tablet down! (This is why I journeyed out to DD at this hour) Sitting in my dark and quiet apartment gave me the time to really focus on Donalyn's message about awakening students' love for reading by simply giving students time in class to read books of their choice. I love all of the "whispers" throughout the book. Donalyn's whispers confirmed that I taking the proper steps to become an excellent reading teacher and also create life long readers in my students.

Reading the book reminded me of my third graders from this past school year. Like Donalyn I was very confident in my students ability to pass the standardized reading test because throughout the year my students read, read, and READ some more. I actually used to worry that because I told them to read instead of giving them a list of "to do" tasks when finished with work was too much. Boy was that a wrong thought. All of my students passed the standardized test! Even those *little angels* that I was worried about. You all know the *little angels* lol. After I read this book, I will read it again and again as a constant reminder that because I love to read, I must instill that love in my students. Even when others don't understand the why's and the how's I know that what I do is bigger than passing third grade, or being prepared for fourth. Donalyn whispered to me....and I listened. :)

If you have not read this powerful book, please please pick it up!

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  1. I love Donalyn Miller! This book really inspired me as well, and motivated me to truly reflect on some of my teaching practices!

    I am one of your newest followers, and I am glad to follow you on Bloglovin!


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