Welcome to The Gemini Teacher Blog!

This is my first official post as a teacher blogger. I am far from new to blogging or web design but it has been some years so I'm on an entirely new learning curve. I have been as we all say "blog stalking" for some time and figured it was high time to get on it!

The Gemini Teacher blog was created a way for me to grow and strengthen my craft, connect with fellow teachers and bloggers, and share my day to day experiences in and out of the classroom. I'll be 100% honest and say that my blog won't be entirely about teaching but include new recipes, personal experiences, fitness and more! I am on a remarkable journey to growing in every aspect of life. Join Me!

Fun Facts

-Teaching Experience: 3 years (Pre-k, 2nd, 3rd) I will be teaching 3rd grade in the 2013-2014 school year. All of my teaching experience has been in GA.
- I live in Georgia but I am originally from a small town near Cleveland, Ohio!
-I attended Kent State University for my bachelor's and Walden University for my master's in Elementary Reading and Math
- I taught myself web design at 11 years old but let it go for awhile but I'M BACK!
 - I am THEE biggest Beyonce fan. I paid an obscene amount of money for tickets to see her next month but I couldn't be more thrilled! Whoop!!!
- Slight Obsessions: chipotle, pepsi and a new one.....wearing lipstick
- Favorite Travel Experiences: Florence, Italy and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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  1. I am a pretty big Beyonce fan myself and spent entirely too much to see her at the end of June! haha same boat girl! {but it will be well worth it!}