Why the Gemini Teacher?

Not sure how many bloggers tell the story of the reason behind their blog name but since it is gemini season and I recently had a birthday (May 28th), I decided to tell mine. So here goes......

I have been pondering about starting to blog again for a while. I knew I wanted to create a teaching blog with sprinkles of my personal experiences. But what to name it??? So many of the teaching blogs out there are so unique in name, design, content etc....and I am allll about unique. Since this blog is created by me, represents me and my professional and personal experiences I needed a name that fully represents me. Enter my zodiac sign...Gemini. I tell everyone all the time I am a true Gemini. Yes...mood swings and all. LOL. Gemini's are also know for being talkative, intelligent, multi-taskers, and extremely outgoing. I am all of these and more! I love to read up on astrology. It's so interesting to me that I look at the horoscopes, compatability and follow zodiac related accounts on twitter and instagram. And so The Gemini Teacher was born. I thought my zodiac sign was a great way to show who I am. Where are all my other Gemini bloggers? It's our season!!

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