Week in Review

I've been a little absent from my blog, that I just started but for good reason. I'm a new mommy! That's right I am mommy to a super adorbs little Yorkie/Chihuahua mixed darling named Giselle. She is named based on the middle name of mommy's favorite...Beyonce (super fan)! I am already in love with this stubborn little diva. She is giving mommy a run for her money as far as training is concerned. Needless to say this little baby is taking all my time....and my money. But....her company is priceless. I'm glad I made the decision to get her!

Giselle -loving playing with old socks
Also this week I got together with the calendar committee at my school to plan all the events for the entire school year. I know some of you are thinking...already?! Yes....already but at my school and as hectic as things tend to get the earlier the better. Not mention, it's not all that early. We go back to school very early here in Hot Georgia (August 7th). We planned things such as our school-wide activity day that is based on students receiving points in class dojo, our monthly teacher breakfast club, open house, programs and more. I also got the inside scoop on the master schedule for 3rd grade. Although I am not grade level chair, I know I will have to play a very active leadership role especially when it comes to outside events. My schedule.....not exactly a fan because my grade level has thee earliest lunch for the second year in a row. 10:15 a.m.! Ahhh! Other than that they did change the schedule so that we can have a literacy block which will be about 120 minutes long! I loooove that. This will give me the room to do Daily 5 and CAFE in the way I want....soooo excited!

My donor's choose project was fully funded! Woooohooo my first one and it was funded relatively quickly! I'm so excited for these materials from Lakeshore that are common core aligned. Thinking of my next few projects already!

All in all a good week. I've gotta get busy on finishing my grad school portfolio, and making my first promethean lesson for TPT. How was your week?

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